Vision and mission

The vision of Konfirm is to offer accessible, affordable and custom-made expert services to everyone. Hereby we take your personal situation carefully into account.

Konfirm´s mission is to build bridges between people and organizations because we believe in the strength of collaboration. Collaboration between individuals and organizations in the Netherlands, but also on the international level between European and African enterprises. This way we stimulate investments in Africa and encourage sustainable development.  The three departments of Konfirm, ‘Investment’, ‘Law’ and ‘Development’, represent the disciplines, which make that possible.

The vision of sustainability forms the fundament of all services Konfirm offers. Konfirm therefore follows the OECD Guidelines ( for multinational enterprises for a responsible business conduct. This means taking human, community and environment into account. Konfirm invests a percentage of its benefits directly in developing countries, by means of supporting and implementing development projects. Furthermore, Konfirm works as much as possible with local employees in African countries, in order to stimulate the local economy.